Saturday , 28 November 2015

Welcome to Raw for Beauty

Raw for Beauty is a blog dedicated to inspire and empower women and men of all size, shape and age. Road to fitness is not easy, keeping a healthier lifestyle is challenging, but is it impossible? Not at all. It will we difficult, but it can be achieved … with dedication, perseverance and support. That is why we have – an online source for your health reads, nutritious recipes, dose of inspiration and so much more.

Raw for Beauty

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Since Raw for Beauty is a community dedicated to everyone, we also encourage everyone to share their own stories and journey for us to relay and promote to everyone. Real People, Real Stories. We have a submit button on this site for your health-related story, journey and recipes.

The world that we live in is no longer as healthy as how it used to be [100 years or so]. People are starting to get sick from the food that we eat. Some of us even developed addiction towards food because of certain chemicals that are added to it. A lot of people are now facing health related problems, as well as obesity and we literally need to do something about it. The change starts with us. How can we expect for the rest of the world to change, if we ourselves aren’t doing anything about it. Start in your kitchen, start with you. Then live a life worth living that can serve as an example to the people around you. Don’t underestimate the power of chain reaction … you can do it. We all can.

Welcome to The Raw For Beauty.

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